Elixir v0.7.1 was released this weekend to celebrate the end of a two months journey traveling around Europe, United States and Brazil talking about and exposing Elixir to new developers.

This is a minor release that contains a couple enhancements regarding UTF-8, dialyzer support and bug fixes.

During this time traveling around, we have spoken at many conferences, as Strange Loop, Øredev, QCon SP and Rupy as well as at different companies. Developers from different backgrounds have shown interest in Elixir, written about it, and contributed to the language. As of today, Elixir is powered by 51 different contributors!

In case you missed any of those conferences, the talk I presented at Øredev is available and you can watch it now. The slides are also available below.

If you want to hear more about Elixir at a conference or an event, please let us know. Thank you and don’t forget to give Elixir a try!