We have finally released Elixir v0.6.0! This release includes a build tool called Mix, support for Erlang typespecs, many improvements to IEx and improved IO, File and Macro support.

What’s new

When we released version v0.5.0, we have set three major goals for release v0.6.0:

  1. Provide a build tool that makes it easy to create, compile and test Elixir projects;
  2. Support Erlang typespecs;
  3. Improve IO and File modules to be more robust and complete.

Our interactive shell (IEx) also had many improvements, thanks to the Elixir developer community. We now have easy access to documentation, remote shells, autocomplete and much more. In order to show you a bit of what you can do in this release, we have prepared a short (~6 min) screencast:

Elixir v0.6 quick tour - Mix and IEx from Plataformatec on Vimeo.

That’s it. For the next months, we will continue improving Elixir (you can see some ideas floating around in the issues tracker) but we will start to focus on other tools and libraries for the community.

Thank you and don’t forget to give Elixir a try!